Mobile Game UI UX


This is the project I am currently working on.  I cannot share any images because of the NDA, but I would like to share the story of what are my duties and how I collaborate with other teams.

My role

UI UX Design
Directing UI Visual Elements
Proposal Deck Design


Mobile game


Game Design Team
Art Team
Engineering Team


Design: Photoshop, Invision, Adobe XD
Confluence, Jira, Trello, Slack


I helped team to create the proposal deck for the investors to pitch idea for getting the Intellectual Property rights (IP). It was very exciting news for our team and the company when we finally got the IP!
As a UI UX designer, I started to download competitor’s games and started to play to understand the space for the game we are planning to make. Then create decks for each of the game:

  • Wrote down the pros and cons about games
  • Described game flow
  • Highlighted trendy UI elements with screenshots

I researched a lot of different datasets to understand things like - common phone screen sizes people use and smallest ratio of the screen before creating a wireframe.
Also, watched whole series of the show to understand the story.


Working with teams

I always learn many thing while I am working with the other teams

  • we had a lot of meetings with a game director, game designers, and writers to discuss the direction of the game.
  • Created a UI UX visual target and direction deck to communicate with the art team.
  • Having some discussion with the engineering team to find restrictions and problems what they are migrating while prototyping in Unity.

More content coming soon....