Hello, I'm Jisu,

a UX/UI designer experienced in front-end development, focused on creating design systems for better digital experiences.

I studied Digital Interactive Art at Emily Carr University. I began my career as a web product designer in the marketing department. My tasks involved delivering web-related products such as websites, marketing ads, event pages, and more. During my tenure as a web designer, I consistently focused on enhancing user engagement with the products I created, guiding them toward a more immersive and enjoyable gaming experience.

I work closely and collaborate with designers, engineers, and project managers every time I work on projects. To enhance my UX design skills and communication abilities, I learned programming and marketing. After finishing the course, I can create a prototype using React and other libraries. Currently, I work as a UX/UI designer in the game industry. I enjoy solving problems across various industries.


My Design Philosophy

Strong conviction

Displaying numbers is essential to support the design and convince stakeholders; therefore, I gather data that can bolster my design, such as competitor's profit figures, user conversion rates, user reviews/feedback, and more.

Comprehension & Challenge

I enjoy tackling challenging tasks that require in-depth product analysis. Understanding the product and its users is essential before starting a project. I collaborate with others to gain diverse perspectives and develop potential solutions, as it greatly aids in solving complex problems.

Process Oriented

After transitioning to a UX/UI designer role, I shifted my focus to becoming more process-oriented. I closely collaborate with my teammates to establish processes that benefit both our teams and users. This involves maintaining flexibility and adaptability to adjust priorities and outcomes as needed.

UX Design Skills
  • User research
  • UX design - Holistic view of an interconnected system
  • Ability to handle complex design problems
  • Create storyboard and information architecture (Draw.io)
  • Google Analytics, SEO, Understanding and driving results to meet KPIs
UI Design Skills
  • Prototyping (Figma, XD, Invision)
  • Product design (Figma, XD)
  • Create UI Elements (Figma, Adobe Creative Suite)
  • Graphic design (Adobe Creative Suite)
Other Skills
  • Transferring design to functional prototypes using code
  • Always interested in new technologies
  • Good at teamwork